ep9 boboiboy galaxy release date


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Boboiboy galaxy ep9 prediction

who do you think the person that kokoci asking help from was it kaizo? or a new character my guess it a new character.

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boboiboy galaxy ep8 look good

A very good episode, I like the scene where the character shows their expressive face very well done, the interaction between character also very good. the world building info also was very good, it was kinda interesting to know that Tapop station was used as a laundry station to cover their activity, now I am […]

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Boboiboy Galaxy ep7 Joker Tu appear

a new villain of Boboiboy galaxy has appeared  in this ep and his creepy as hell love Joker Tu card abilities, it remind how  Kamen rider  Blade Character seal up undead monster, the papa Zola vs Joker Tu card battle also kinda remind me of Yugioh and other card battle series, well done episode   Advertisements

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Boboiboy Galaxy ep7 airdate

17 march 2017 Friday 5 pm Advertisements

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boboiboy the movie sold out in korea

boboiboy the movie sold out in korea heard the news that Boboiboy the movie ticket sold out in Korean cinema congrats to them hoping probably Boboiboy the movie  become Box office there Advertisements

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